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News spread: How can you get your name out there? Bulletin boards like ours are the best way to get word of mouth buzzing about your business. Members and guests come to TGN to research their next golf purchase and write about how satisfied they were with a product or service. Word doesn't spread only within the site; it will also reach the personal network of each member.

Mass Collaboration: Get ideas on how to improve your product or service by talking directly to your customers! This is the best way to receive candid and insightful input on your business, and at the end of the day, it will impress your customers too!

Increase Internet Ratings: Did you know the more your name is mentioned on the web, the more it boosts the ratings of your website and your product in market research? Companies now use new Internet tools that search news sites, chat forums, bulletin boards, blogs, etc., to measure the amount of buzz on the Internet about a brand. Get your name on and start a buzz!

Buy/Sell/Trade Forum, TorontoGolfNuts Affiliates Forum or Hot Deals Forum: You're not only reaching heavy internet users by advertising on our site! The majority of our members are also casual internet users looking for the best venue to buy/sell/trade their equipment.

Niche Market: There's always a benefit to targeting a local market. Our members know that discussion topics and recommended products and services are relevant to them. We are the only forum of its kind in the GTA and our growing membership base proves that this is a strong golfer's market that has never been tapped!

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