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Jun 23, 2009, 09:54 AM
Hi there,

My wife and I are planning to go check out the Canadian Open this year since she's become a golf enthusiast this season. We're planning on going Saturday morning and spend a few hours or so checking out the players/venue/level of golf.

Any tips you could give us to get a good experience of PGA tourney play? Should we just find a seat around one of the greens and wait for players to come in, do we follow players around, teebox area?, etc..

Thanks in advance.

p.s. any discounts for the 1-day pass?

Jun 23, 2009, 10:34 AM
I've gone to a few events, and I prefer finding a good place to sit for a while and watch the players come through. Pick a tee box for an hour, a par 3 green, the landing area on a par 5 etc. You get to see the different shots being played without having to fight for survival among the crowds :D

If you can I would recommend going on either a practice round day or the pro-am day - everybody is much more relaxed, cameras & autographs allowed etc. Very different atmosphere from the weekend, though the Sunday of a tourney is always abuzz with excitement too.


Jun 23, 2009, 10:52 AM
Since you're only going for a few hours Sat morning this is what I would do:
-Grab a coffee and watch them at the range (pretty cool to see their practice routines and if you listen closely enough, dialogue between them and their coach)

- watch holes 1 (you know you're watching a tournament when you hear 'ladies and gentlemen, this is your xx:xx tee time'...), 3 and 10

- valley holes I find the most interesting to watch but you may not see anyone there until 11:00 am. An alternative is just to walk the front 9 backwards.

Have fun!

bobby Jones
Jun 23, 2009, 01:30 PM
I've been involved with the open for many years. I continue to preach that Tuesday and Wednesday are the best days to go if you want to see specific players, get autographs, take pictures , pay less and avoid the crowds, lineups at washrooms and food stations. It is so much more enjoyable. Alternatively, Thursday and then Friday morning are good. The weekend gets a little crazy and can be frustrating. If you are going to go then the earlier the better. Unless you are gung ho on watching the leaders come up 18 on sunday afternoon and fighting the crowds for a good spot around the 18th green, I would avoid it.

In terms of location, the clubhouse is central to a lot of holes (new set-up) 1 tee, 6 green, 7 tee and green, 8 tee, 9 green, 10 tee, 16 green, 17 tee, 18 green and the range are all there. If you have the legs, you can try the valley, but remember the walk back. In terms of strategy, everyone is different; follow a particular group, stay on a green, stay on a tee , stay at the practice area or a landing area. If you can split your day to encompass a bit of everything, that is great but, remember good luck to you when following the leaders or any of the big names. If you want to try to follow a player you are passionate about, hope they are off early Thursday or Friday and follow them before the crowds arrive. Much easier following Weir at 8AM instead of 2PM!

This year they are opening up the area inbetween the range and 18 so that is decent spot where you get some good views.

this year the music includes Tom cochrane, Kevin costner and Bachman and Cummings which is great if you come in the afternoon. The one nice thing about the concerts is that you can stay for a beverage, enjoy the music adn then avoid the crowds leaving the course.


Jun 23, 2009, 01:46 PM
I agree with Bobby Jones that there is much to see around the club house. A couple of other pointers:
: If you go Saturday, you won't see many fine players who will have missed the cut.
: If you sit on the green, you won't appreciate their ability to hit the ball. The best way to do this is watch any player on the tee, or wait for them near a landing zone in the middle of the fairway. The 16th fairway is beside the cart page near the clubhouse....great location to see them going for the green on the second shot.

Have fun.

Jun 23, 2009, 01:56 PM
Wow thanks for the tip.s Yeah, we can only go Saturday because of well..that thing called work. We'll definitely use some of these pointers and hope we have great weather!!