View Full Version : Going to Bethpage for the first time - any suggestions?

Jun 23, 2009, 11:29 AM
As the title says, Im heading out to long island to play Bethpage Black, the site of this years US open.

Im guesstimating a drive time of about 9 to 11 hours give or take due to tolls and the bridge over there around the jersey area, theres never a slow time apparently.

Im hoping to work the driving out so I arrive there at about 5 or 6 pm the night before? is that ample time to get out the next morning for sure? or should I be there earlier, its only going to be 2 of us

Post round, were thinking of getting a hotel in the near by area and just relaxing for the evening - any suggestions for hotels / advice there?

Another idea we had was heading to new jersey post round, getting a hotel which is cheaper then NYC and busing it over to NYC the following morning, seeing some stuff then bus back to the hotel and heading back home that evening

Let me know of any past experiences suggestions you have

PLanning on heading out there end of July