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Apr 6, 2010, 01:34 PM
I have a golf pool at work. just some guys at work, basically if you win its bragin rights.

If anyone can suggest some picks that they would make id appreciate it.

see the form below. it explains everything.

2010 PGA Tour Golf Pool

1You must pick two golfers for each of the 5 tournamentswho you think will place the highest and therefore get the mosttournament prize money.

2You can not pick the same golfer twice throughout the pool. This meansyou will pick 10 different golfers.

3If one of your picks is injured, withdraws, misses the cut, is disqualifiedor does not play for any reason it is your bad luck. There will be no substitutions andall picks are final once they are handed in.

4If a tournament is postponed or delayed for any reason the prizes will be held until the PGA declares an official winner and the standings.

5Your Picks MUST be handed in by Wednesday, April 7th

The winner of the pool will have the highest total winnings across the 5 events.Entry Fee is $20 - Payout is as follows:1st Place70% of the pool(A tie for 1st splits the 1st + 2nd Prize Money)2nd Place20% of the pool(A tie for 2nd splits the 2nd + 3rd Prize Money)3rd Place10% of the pool(A tie for 3rd splits the 3rd place Prize Money)

Your Picks: 2 golfers for each event. cannot use the same golfer twice

The Masters April 8th

The Players Championship May 6th

The US OpenJune 17th

The British OpenJuly 15th

The PGA Championship August 12th