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LED lamps

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  • LED lamps

    hey Nuts.

    I have some LED lamps from the company I used to work for that unfortunately went out of business. The lamps are 1.5 years old but are still top notch from one of the better Asian factories out there. They were private labeled. I am currently dealing with the same factory for the same type of lamps for the company started on my own 14 month ago.

    I have:

    15- 7 watt 550 lumen 2900k Par 20 lamps
    16- 5 watt 450 lumen 2900k GU10 lamps
    21- 5 watt 425 lumen 4000k Par 16 lamps

    am selling for $3.00 each which is 1/3 of what they were selling for when the company was still open.

    Must buy complete lots - ie all the GU10's, or all the PAR16's or all the PAR20's.

    If you are interested in the whole lot- 52 lamps- $120.00 is the cost.

    TIA.Click image for larger version

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    Re: LED lamps

    bumper up ...
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      Re: LED lamps

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      make an offer ...
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