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FS: IBM Thinkpad A21e Celeron 700Mhz/64MB/40GB

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  • FS: IBM Thinkpad A21e Celeron 700Mhz/64MB/40GB

    Selling an IBM Thinkpad A21e Laptop Fully functional. Battery still holds some charge.

    IBM Part Number 2655-93U
    Asking $SOLD


    Celeron 700 MHz (128KB), 64MB RAM, 20.0 GB HDD, 14.1 XGA(1024x768) TFT LCD, 24x-10x CD-ROM, Intel Combo, NiMH battery, Win2000

    Upgrades from factory specs: 40GB HDD, WinXP installed

    If I get my asking price, I will throw in a 64MB DIMM and a port replicator (mini-docking station).

    Comes with AC adapter and carrying case. (Carrying case subject to availability at time of purchase).

    Upgrade to AC/DC Adapter for $10 more. (So you can plug it into your cigarette lighter in the car).
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