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FS: Beginner Golf Clubs and Bag

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  • FS: Beginner Golf Clubs and Bag

    I have had this set on Kijiji, figured maybe I'd get some luck here. This was just my beginner set, nothing crazy.

    I am selling my previous set of golf clubs, left handed. This set is great for the casual player/beginner just getting into the sport. Majority of the clubs are graphite, which can work well for a women and/or beginner. Gentlemen, consider your wives you always wanted to get into golf!

    The bundle includes: Golf Bag
    About a dozen golf balls
    Driver (with sleeve)
    3 Wood
    3 iron
    5 iron
    6 iron
    7 iron
    8 iron
    9 iron

    All of the above for $70 obo. Make an offer.
    Last edited by prestacrusti; Oct 4, 2017, 10:35 AM.

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      Unsure if I'll get any luck here, but worth another bump.


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