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Reminder - Buy Sell Trade forum rules

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  • Reminder - Buy Sell Trade forum rules

    Hello TGN Members,

    We have received many emails to Webmaster and PMs asking about access to the Buy/Sell/Trade (BST) forums. As a result we decided to post up another Sticky reminding members of the new BST rules.

    Please note there were new rules that came into effect on June 17, 2010 that impact all BST forums:
    • only the original poster can open/close their own thread
    • only the original poster can respond to their own post
    • members must use the private message feature in order to respond to others' threads and posts on the BST forums
    • threads can only be "bumped" by the original poster and only once every 12 hours

    If you are a new member, you require a minimum of five posts before you can start a thread to buy, sell or trade an item.
    If you are experiencing difficulties or require clarification on how to use the Buy Sell Trade forum, please send an email to webmaster@torontogolfnuts.com.

    Your TGN Team
    You may contact me with general questions about the forum.
    Advertising requests should be emailed to advertise@torontogolfnuts.com.
    Contact us to organize a TGN golf day/TGN tournament at your golf course, email events@torontogolfnuts.com.
    Thank you to all our members and sponsors for your continued support. Looking forward to a brand new golf season.

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