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Nippon Modus3 105

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  • Nippon Modus3 105

    Hello Everyone

    I am thinking of swithing to Modus3 105 from my XP 95 stiff soft stepped in my Titleist 714 AP2 irons. Anyone tried these Nippons .


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    Re: Nippon Modus3 105

    I have the 105 in my G short irons. Excellent.
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      Re: Nippon Modus3 105

      Chose them for my 2017 set-up. Nice higher launch shaft that still had some feel to it. I came from a reg flex set of cfs shafts in my last set, and was pleasantly surprised at the performance and feel of these in stiff flex.

      Edit: I see that you are comparing them to the XP95's. This was one of the shafts I compared the modus shafts to in my fitting. I got similar distance and flights with both shafts, but the XP's were all over the place (dispersion)
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        Re: Nippon Modus3 105

        Smoother feel than either an XP95/105 or C-Taper Lite. I would say they feel about the same as a KBS Tour 90 (which actually weigh 95-100g), or not surprisingly, the Nippon 950/1050GH. It is actually more of a mid-launching shaft, similar to a Dynamic Gold, C-Taper Lite, or PXi. I found it to have a nice kick through the ball, allowing me to feel the shaft load and unload. I wouldn't say I hit them appreciably longer or straighter than anything out there. However I would say they definitely feel quite good but you still have to load the shaft pretty well from the top to really get much out of them, hence the moniker "tour", and even Nippon shows this on their site.

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          Re: Nippon Modus3 105

          I changed into the 105x this year from s300s
          I struggled with getting enough spin and height despite a decently high swing speed and these increased both. Nice and lightweight shafts also made me swing it just a tad faster and found I gained distance with these
          Amazing soft feel but still had a tight dispersion

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