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Black Friday TLT fitting

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  • Black Friday TLT fitting

    TGN's have been so good to me. Thanks.
    So up until the new year I will offer a deep discount on my TLT fittings for this group. Be sure to mention you are a TGN.

    My iron fitting's are typically 75$ but for this group my year end Black Friday deal will be $ 25 purchased before the end of the year.

    This will get you the correct TLT fitting chart so you will know what corrections to your set are needed - to get you athletic for every club.

    If you want it for a Christmas gift do a $25 gift certificate from my site http://www.danscustomgolfshop.com/ and I will honor it for 2017. Tell your spouse. Half way down the page on the right hand side are gift certificates that can be used for this purpose as well as (just input the value you want) these certificates towards improving your set. Retrofits, new builds, re-gripping ....

    My way of giving back to the community that helped build my business.

    Appointment required for a shop visit.
    Last edited by TLT Dan; Nov 26, 2016, 07:32 PM.

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    Phone : 905-263-8510
    Hampton, ON
    Appointment only
    Web site www.truelengthtechnology.com
    E-mail: danscustomgolfshop@hotmail.com

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