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Important! Read this Sticky before posting in this forum

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  • Important! Read this Sticky before posting in this forum

    The Club Fitting forum was created for the benefit of TGN members and TGN sponsors who are in the business of club fitting and/or dealers of golf shafts. There are many members who have an avid interest in learning and discussing this topic and we encourage you to use this sub forum to ask your questions, share knowledge, contribute your opinions and volunteer information. However, TGN prohibits the use of our forum for commercial purposes by members not recognized as TGN sponsors and this would include club fitters/shaft dealers in the Club Fitting forum.

    This sticky is a gentle reminder to members that only club fitters and shaft dealers who are TGN sponsors are permitted to promote their place of business, products or services in this forum. Please do not post business contact information or weblinks for club fitters who are not TGN sponsors in this forum. Moderators and TGN Administrators will be strict on this rule and no warning will be given to edit or remove posts which we deem to be in violation of our forum rules. If you are a club fitter, shaft dealer or you are in a related golf business and want to advertise in the Club Fitting forum please contact advertise@torontogolfnuts.com. Thank you.
    We encourage TGN members to read Forum Rules & the FAQ section in order to facilitate their full enjoyment of our site. Buy/Sell Trade forums and Club Fitting forums have special rules! Please read the Sticky for instructions!

    Questions? Suggestions? Complaints? Do not send a PM to this Profile. Please email webmaster@torontogolfnuts.com For advertising inquiries, email advertise@torontogolfnuts.com.

    Have a great 2014 golf season!

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    Re: Important! Read this Sticky before posting in this forum

    What's in the TMX Stand Bag?

    10.5 SLDR w Diamana Flowerband X-flex
    SLDR 15* 3W
    TM Rescue 17*
    SLDR 5H
    TM M2 4-PW
    CG15 52/60
    Rossa Monza Corza


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      TGN Announcement: B/S/T Forums
      We have been hard at work trying to find a solution to allow the Original Poster to reply to their own posts within the Buy/Sell/Trade forum. Unfortunately this is something that vBulliten themselves...
      Jul 22, 2017, 07:31 AM
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      TGN Giveaway: The Open Championship (British Open) 2017 Fantasy
      I'm excited to introduce our latest TGN Contest Giveaway for the 2017 Open Championship (British Open).

      Here are the rules:
      • Reply to this thread and select one player from each of the 8
      Jul 17, 2017, 11:13 AM



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