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  • Driver Help

    Hey all, looking for some opinions.

    I have a Cobra S2 driver with a stock stiff shaft. this club hits the ball a mile but i have experienced what i've read on several reviews regarding accuracy and overall ball control. i've been told the shaft is likely to weak for my swing speed and the tip feels whippy. i like the feel and look still so i'm wondering if it is worth looking into getting a new shaft (i have no idea the costs) or should i look into getting a new driver.

    thanks for any help,

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    Re: Driver Help

    somebody has to know more then i do !


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      Re: Driver Help

      I would recommend seeing a club fitter with a good selection of shafts to try. They will be able to suggest something that will fit your swing. I tend to have the same problem where most of the stock offerings just don't work out. So I'll usually end up custom ordering something that suits me or finding something used.

      If you try some different shafts, you'll get a better idea of what works best and then you can either order from them or find something used that fits in your price range. Buying just shafts can be very pricey so be ready to drop some coin if you do go that route.
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        Re: Driver Help

        Good advice from Burkie, the fitter will know beyond a shadow of a doubt which shaft is right for you.

        Trial and error can be expensive, fitter will actually save you money.
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          Re: Driver Help

          beauty thanks guys.


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            Re: Driver Help

            Tipping the shaft may be an option too. If you like the look and Just want it a tad stiffer it may work. Definitely seeing a fitter would be a good idea.


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