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Panama City Florida golf

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  • Panama City Florida golf

    Any suggestions on courses to play?? Or avoid?? Looking to get in 6 rounds at least. Places to eat/drink??

    Thanks for any info

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    Re: Panama City Florida golf

    It's been about 5 years since I played in Panama City, but I've played Marriott's Legends Edge and The Hombre, which were both excellent courses. At that time, the Hombre had 3 nines, The Good, The Bad & The Ugly. Check it out, but I believe they sold some of their property, and only have 18 holes at this time.


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      Re: Panama City Florida golf

      Used to go in the fall for 8 years for a Pro-Am. The event has been going for 20 years now. When are you going? Lots of great courses and great night life. Are you staying in the City or Beach?

      The Hombre is one of my favourites. Used to host PGA Tour Q-School. Still 3 nines. Lots of dogleg rights and a great test of golf.

      I assume "Marriott's Legends Edge" is now what is called Bay Point and they have the Nicklaus and The Meadows. Depending on the time of year 18 holes are private and 18 holes are public. Both nice courses, I preferred Nicklaus as it was a little more open, Meadows is much tighter.

      Shark's Tooth and Camp Creek are higher end but in my mind DEFINITELY worth the money. Again, depending on time of year, private courses.

      Those are the 5 that we would normally play and there is also some good golf and good deals to be had if willing to drive to Destin (45 min to an hour).

      Send me a message with when you are going and where you are staying and I can give you a better idea of what to check out.


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