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    Well as the joke stated when it comes to finding lost balls. "you should at least let them stop rolling", If you play long enough, you will accumulate golf balls either by harvesting or by getting better and not losing as many while your friends and relatives keep plying you with balls. If you want a ball, just ask someone. If you want to meet new people, just pick up their golf ball. I only buy Titleist. I mark all my balls with a blue dot over the number on both sides. I also play what you leave me when I stroll by the rough. I have hit snells but not K signatures. None on my course yet, and the snowbirds couldn't get any down south last year. No one , so far, from my club has sought out ebay or knet to buy some. Some day, someone will lose one and it will be near me and golf nirvana will occur with the adoption.
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      was playing on Saturday and my friend had marked his ball with 'F*+K YOU' on one side, with 'AND YOU' on the other side. He hits one OB (internal OB) onto another fairway. One rather 'senior' gentlemen went to have a look at it as it was in the vicinity of his ball - he takes two looks at it, then calls his mate over, they both take a look at it in horror...all the while we are pissing ourselves laughing walking towards them.

      That's definitely one way avoid confusion with ball marking


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        I had an awkward situation happen the other day....I hit my ball into some rough off the tee on a hole that winds to the right a little bit. As I got around the corner I saw 2 guys right where my ball should have been....they were heading to the tee box on the back 9 and I was on the front....where my ball should have been was out of the way for them between their last green and next tee box.

        Obvious red flag...so I say hey guys did you see a ball right around here? They immediately said nope and continued on. I'm looking around and one of the guys turns back and says dude I'm sorry is this your ball? I said yes..he said he was too embarrassed to tell me because he didn't see anyone around. I just laughed and said thanks. Good of him to own up finally but hopefully he learned from it. I felt super embarrassed for him....
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