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Playing Through in North America

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    It may be different between public and private courses, but where I have played a public course early, I am always told about pace of play, expected round time, etc. Basically, if you are first out of the gate, you have a responsibility to play in 4 hours or less. Preferably, 3 1/2, IMO. Some new " resort " courses with mandatory carts, long green to tee, etc are the exception, possibly.

    We walk at my home course. While we ballot for weekend/holiday tee times, the pros know who is quick and schedule accordingly. First foursomes out are max 3.5 hours. Some can be done in 3. Last summer, I slotted in with a twosome following what turned out was a threesome. Behind two foursomes. On 6 we joined up, played as a 5 some for last four holes and were on the groups in front. I peeled off at 9 leaving a foursome to finish the back. Age does not matter. My dad and I played in a threesome walking behind four women, minimum age 75. We waited a bit in 1, by third hole, they were gone. We were done in 3.5 hours, they must have been 310. They were in carts.

    In Britain, I believe matches are a lot shorter as they play a lot more match play. My buddies Dad was a member at Muirfield. He and his buddy stayed two nights at the clubhouse (max 2 Nights) , played a day away and came back Friday night. Saturday is the members from Edinborough (misspelled) play 36. Alternate shot two man teams in AM, two man match play in afternoon. They were invited to play in the morning, but they wanted to play their own ball. " If ye be wanting to play, ye will be playing alternate shot". They played alternate shot. Had lunch and then played the afternoon. Alternate shot was done in under 2 1/2 hours. The second to hit on a hole was waiting half way down the fairway.

    I find the big time wasters when on the course: when you get to your ball, know your club, have your glove on, pull the club. 2. Too many practise swings. One, max, unless you are getting a feel for a chip or pitch. 3. Putting. While others are putting, scope out your putt. When it is your turn, you should have your line picked out, step up to ball , align, waggle and take a weight stroke, then final alignment and pull the trigger. Looking at a putt four times from all directions should be done while others are putting and lining up. No single shot should take more than 30 seconds. Ready golf as well.

    If I am a foursome, and open half a hole in front, a twosome pressing from behind gets to play through. It can be done efficiently

    I hate slow play. Abhor it.
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