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Be Careful On The Cart Paths

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    Re: Be Careful On The Cart Paths

    Originally posted by jimfastcar View Post
    So, all ok ?
    Yes, Jim. The bruising has moved farther down the leg, front and back. I won't wear shorts to work at GT tomorrow.
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      Re: Be Careful On The Cart Paths

      Originally posted by WeekendDuff View Post
      Ouch! Glad you're okay. Those cart paths at Mystic are tricky and the carts handle like an old Porsche 911 - fishtail like crazy if you brake while cornering. I don't think they have any front brakes. Back in April somebody tossed their cart into the bush on #10 at the second ravine.
      I can neither confirm nor deny that I have been involved with a cart making it into the trees down the left side of 17...

      5 years later i still think about it every time I drive down that hole.

      I've had more "oh ****!" moments on mystic than any other course I can remember, usually in the fall once the leaves start coming down and it gets wet.


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