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14 Day Weather Forecast

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  • 14 Day Weather Forecast


    This bring a smile to my face. Hopefully it holds true.
    GOLF CLUB: Diamondback
    Driver: Callaway FT-iq Stiff 10
    3 Wood: TM Burner
    Irons: Adams Idea Tech A4OS
    Wedges: 58, 54 Callaway X-Tour MD
    Putter: SC Red-X.

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    Re: 14 Day Weather Forecast

    I hope so too! Maybe golfing at the end of March, now that would be awesome!
    Driver- Callaway FT-9 / Accra Dymatch S3 75 M4
    Fairway- Miura 3 wood / Accra XE80 M5
    Hybrids- Adams Idea Pro 3 with Accra XH85
    Irons- Adams Pro gold PVD 4-pw w/KB tour X-flex
    Wedges- Srixon WG706 50*,TM Z-Smoke 54, 58* w/ KBS tour blacks
    Putter- T.P. Mills Custom Huey

    "Resolve never to quit, never to give up,no matter what the situation."


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      Re: 14 Day Weather Forecast

      Glad to see some nice warm weather and also some rain to get rid of that ugly snow!!!
      Canadian ping hoofer/ Titleist 09 Staff bag
      Driver- Nike VR PRO Ltd 9.5
      Woods-Titleist 910 13.5
      Hybrid- Titleist 909h 19*
      Titleist zm blades Kbs tour
      Wedges-Scratch 50,56
      Putters-pro platinum del mar 3
      RCGA handicap- +3.0



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