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Masters Tickets

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  • Masters Tickets

    So i'd like to take my kid to the Masters in 6 years.

    Anyone know how i can get tickets by then???
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    Re: Masters Tickets

    Put your name in the lottery for practice round tickets. It took us 4 years but got picked this year for the first time. Good luck!
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      Re: Masters Tickets

      I know it's not the answer that you are looking for, and I expect that you know this, but you can buy them on the internet for crazy $.

      (for instance, even though that actual cost of a Thursday to Sunday pass is only $200(!!), they are being resold for about 15 times that price)


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        Re: Masters Tickets

        Lottery is the only way I know of. I guess you could look on Craigs List etc.
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          Re: Masters Tickets

          I just read an article in the SI Golf magazine that said that there were no price hikes or increase in sales because of Tiger playing. These are ticket brokers that buy blocks of tickets. Try and contact them.
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            Re: Masters Tickets

            stub hub always has them..


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              Re: Masters Tickets

              I got mine off of ebay each time I've went.

              Always paid $150-$200 american for each ticket for the practice rounds.

              Make sure they are a trusted seller on ebay and try paying with paypal which will refund your money if the tickets are not legit.


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