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Sandy Lyle's Shipwreck

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  • Sandy Lyle's Shipwreck

    Check out his card so far today. Scroll down and click on the left hand arrow.

    Last edited by rgk5; Apr 9, 2010, 10:48 AM.
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    Re: Snndy Lyle's Shipwreck

    OUCH! +12 for the day so far!
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      Re: Snndy Lyle's Shipwreck

      Report card said: Started badly but fell away! Great round yesterday, though...
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        Re: Sandy Lyle's Shipwreck

        No big deal, I have done this many times
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          Re: Sandy Lyle's Shipwreck

          That's more like it....where the hell did that 69 come from yesterday?!?
          If I had to describe myself in just one word....“doesn’t know how to follow directions.”


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            Re: Sandy Lyle's Shipwreck

            That looks like my scorecard!
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            Putter: PING Karsten TR Anser #5
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              Re: Sandy Lyle's Shipwreck

              Despite playing a horrible round, he's still 9 ahead of Michael Campbell!
              Confusion will be my epitaph


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                Re: Sandy Lyle's Shipwreck

                without knowing the man I would suggest that this is a classic example of how the mental state affects the game. You take the same man playing the same course and I can only assume that mentally he was a different golfer than he was yesterday.


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