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Canadian Open field.

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  • Canadian Open field.

    I hear a lot of about the field at this year's Canadian Open.

    Some say it's one of the best for a secondary type PGA Tourney. some say it's just a little better than a Nationwide.

    Any thoughts/opinions?

    A lot of names missing but what's in a name when you shoot 62/64

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    Re: Canadian Open field.

    11 of the top 30 in the world is good enough for me...
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      Re: Canadian Open field.

      Very solid field somewhere in the middle of the options you gave.


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        Re: Canadian Open field.

        Some really good players out there, I was happy with the people I got to see as most people don't get to see much of Tiger and Phil anyways.

        I did want to meet Vijay though.
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          Re: Canadian Open field

          It's a good field but not a great field................when you don't have anyone in the top 7 of the world rankings and only 2 of the top 15 there is no way it should be described as a great field.............the withdrawl by Furyk and the Kim injury definitely haven't helped.

          This tournament is definitely moving in the right direction..............3 years ago they were at Angus Glen (ugh) and the field was awful...........it has gotten better every year but there is only so much they can do with the date they currently have.

          I am a bit worried about next year because the 8 hour time difference between the British Open and Vancouver might scare some of the good players away


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            Re: Canadian Open field.

            Poor Mike... now he's in the running for most honest golfer!
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              Re: Canadian Open field.

              Who is Adam Hadwin?? The guy drives it 300 and putts like a champ yet I've never heard his name metenioned until I just took a look at the leaderboard.


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