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Ogio Bags at Sportchek, 40% off

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  • Ogio Bags at Sportchek, 40% off

    some good deals here if you are looking for a bag


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    Thanks for the heads up! Been in the market for a new stand bag.

    Anyone have any thoughts/feedback on the 2016 Gotham Stand Bag?


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      I've used a Gotham Stand Bag for a month now. Overall, quite pleased with it.
      It is decently light, legs work fine. Last few days, have played in the rain. Rain hood works fine. It is supposed to have a coating to repel water, but I did not really notice any difference. Have also played 2 rounds with walking cart and a few on power carts - no issues there either.
      So far 2 negatives which may or may not apply - I miss a scorecard pocket that is reachable while walking. Also there is a putter slot that is round but my putter head cover does not really fit (Scotty with the wider "neck") so I've put driver in the putter slot and the putter fully takes up one of the other 6 slots - so 5 slots for everything other than putter/driver..


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        Picked up the Gotham cart bag. In addition to the sale price, I used a 10% email sign up discount code. And with some discounted gift cards I had I think it was a good deal.

        The bag is nice. Light weight for a cart bag (says 4.9 pounds on the tag and I believe it). Not a crazy amount of storage, but a good balance between size, weight and storage, and definitely suits my needs. There seems to be a pocket for everything, which I like. Really like the 6 small internal pockets for random items that I used to just toss into one pocket.

        Only minor gripe is that the cooler pocket should either be bigger or just a regular pocket. As it is the pocket can squeeze in 2 500ml bottles of water. I think they really wanted to have a cooler pocket in this bag, but given the design constraints and for symmetry they had to put it where they did. I actually don't really care about a cooler pocket, so would have preferred they just made it a regular pocket. I know I can use it as a regular pocket, but the cooler material adds unnecessary bulk and a bit of weight. Overall a very minor gripe and not a big deal.

        Club management is good. There are 15 slots including a large putter slot. I only carry 11 or 12 clubs, so club management and tangling isn't really an issue for me with any bag. But it looks like it would carry 14 clubs no problem.

        Sits great on my Clicgear. Haven't used it on a cart yet, but seems like it would be fine.
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