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GTA AM Tour Launches Virtual Net Match-Play!

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  • GTA AM Tour Launches Virtual Net Match-Play!


    GTA AM Tour Players, are you ready for MATCH PLAY??

    Do you get excited, every fall, watching the singles matches of the Ryder & President Cup events? Do you wish there was a mixed flight event where the GTA AM Tour's different Flights competed against each other?

    Well, it's here... The GTA AM Tour's Virtual Net Match Play Championship...!

    Registration is limited to the first 64 players. Players will be randomly placed into mixed flight brackets via a blind draw. This exciting format will see players having the opportunity to compete against players from other flights. Adjusted tee decks and accurate handicaps will assure a level playing field.

    Matches making up the first four rounds will be contested virtually, in combination with designated, regular Tour Tournaments. The outcome of these matches will be determined at the conclusion of each designated event by recalculating the stroke play scorecards of competitors to determine a cumulative Win / Loss / Tie determination for each hole, using a net stroke calculation for each player.

    64 players will attempt to advance their way to the FINAL FOUR by winning four matches. From there, it gets really exciting!

    The Match Play Championship concludes with the four finalists competing, as guests of Mark Young and at Oviinbyrd Golf Club, in two head-to-head 18 hole matches (in one day), to determine the inaugural GTA AM Tour Virtual Match Play Champion.

    For more information on the format of this competition, and or to register, please click here:

    Registration Cost: $75.00 ( plus HST) per player.

    Designated Match Play Events:
    * August 4th, Beverly Golf & Country Club
    * August 16th, Dundas Valley Golf & Curling Club
    * August 29th, Oshawa Golf & Curling Club
    * Sept 14th, Osprey Valley

    The greatest prize for those winning matches and advancing through the brackets might be bragging rights but, there will also be merit based prizing for the top 16 finalists, and bigger prizing for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th, making up the final four. AND, of course, a really cool trophy to remind you, and more importantly your friends, that you won the inaugural GTA AM Tour Net Match Play Championship.

    Yours Truly,
    Net Match Play Team
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