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Taylormade and PGA of America have joined forces to find ways to increase participation levels through by creating HACKGOLF ORG which will act as a crowdfunding to explore and research individuals suggestions. Taylormade is putting up $5 Million for this.

Seems like a good idea and hopefully the game is improved from this!
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Default Re: HACKGOLF

How about soccer golf - where the dig 21" holes and people kick a soccer ball...
Theoretically, the game should go really fast. But I betcha, they still lose balls, talk too much, take mulligans and swear.
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Default Re: HACKGOLF

I can only really speak for the GTA area, and I think out biggest problems are cost and playing time.

A 5 hour round comes closer to 7 or 8 hours when you figure travel time, arriving ahead of your tee time, putting green and any other practice you want to do.

On top of that to get away for under a $ 100. bill, on a weekend, is near impossible.

For young people raising a family these two factors just make it near impossible.
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