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Buy/Sell/Trade Rules. Read this before posting.

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  • Buy/Sell/Trade Rules. Read this before posting.

    Buy/Sell/Trade Forum Rules & Guidance

    The Buy/Sell/Trade forum is for members who wish to buy, sell, or trade items between other members. cannot verify or guarantee the legitimacy of the buyer, seller, or trader. assumes no responsibility for transactions that take place in the forum. We allow Members to reply to a post in the Buy/Sell/Trade forum but recommend that if you wish to contact a Member in response to a sale or trade, you send the Member a Private Message.

    *Administrators reserve the right to remove threads and posts from the forum that they deem to be inappropriate. They may also remove threads and/or ban users who have a history of bad or fraudulent deals.

    Forum Rules:
    • No Dealers. Use of this forum for commercial purposes is prohibited. A dealer is defined as anyone who is selling more than two (2) new items of the same type or three (3) used items of the same type within a thirty (30) day period. A maximum of four (4) new items in total and nine (9) used items in total can be sold within a thirty (30) day period. An item type includes and is not limited to: drivers, fairway woods, putters, wedges, irons set, fairway wood sets, wedge sets, etc. If you have access to products and sell them in volume, you are defined as a dealer. If you are interested in advertisements, promotions or becoming a TorontoGolfNuts sponsor within our forum, please use the contact us form or email us at
    • Threads must have a meaningful title beginning with For Sale (FS), For Trade (FT) or Looking For (LF) Want to Buy (WTB) and then a short description of what the item is. Admins reserve the right to rename your thread.
    • You MUST post a specific price for ALL items that are For Sale (FS) and/or For Trade (FT). This is not a forum for auctioning off your items.
    • All products or services are assumed to be in Canadian currency unless specifically stated by the user.
    • Only the seller can declare items sold.
    • No Alcohol or Tobacco sales.
    • No Weapon sales, whether they be deemed lethal or non-lethal. i.e. knives, starter's pistols, air pistols, replica guns, paintball guns, pellet guns, cap guns, flare guns or toy guns.
    • No multi-level marketing, pyramid, and get-rich schemes.
    • No illegal software (this includes backup copies, bootleg/pirated software, games). No fake goods (Rolex watches, clothes, purses, leather goods etc.)
    • No fake clubs. (this means no counterfeits, clones are okay)
    • Multiple threads for the same product or service are prohibited. Users may Ďbumpí their thread to the top of the forum every 24 hours Buy/Sell/Trade Suggestions:
    1. Buyers beware. If the deal is too good to be true, it probably is!
    2. Try to obtain the userís contact information to better verify the legitimacy of the transaction
    3. Pictures or links to a description of the product or service helps to avoid product confusion
    4. Keep in touch with the buyer or seller when making transactions. Let them know when money has arrived and also when items have been shipped or the tracking number of the package. If you are having any difficulties with the completion of the transaction, let the other party know promptly. In case of deals gone bad, keep a record of your discussion.
    5. Check for references of the seller.
    6. Make sure you know what you are purchasing. Attempt to get all the relevant information such as conditions/usage of the product, other things that are included with the purchase of the primary product or service, and copies of the receipt or warranty cards.
    7. When selling golf clubs be sure to include information on the direction (right-handed), the loft, shaft type (graphite or steel), shaft stiffness and the size of the club.
    Last edited by TrGo; Sep 18, 2017, 09:21 PM. Reason: Removed the requirement for Members to have a minimum of five posts before they are able to post an ad.
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