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    Originally posted by seetrout699 View Post
    Text Don at 647 -526-6921 or email me at donald.craig@yahoo.ca PLEASE DO NOT PM ME USING THIS SITE

    Shipping will only available till MARCH 31 , 2023 [ extended ] when shipping will be terminated again due to anticipated inventory limitations ..
    Due to current limited inventory Srixon Z Star variations , Bridgestone tour ball variations [ except for their prior generation balls ] and AVX are excluded from shipping.

    1] only mint balls will be shipped. It is likely that almost all shipping transactions will involve either Prov1s or TP5s since it is only feasible to pay shipping costs on premium balls, furthermore sometimes I have a reasonable supply of them.

    2] I only ship via the post office - covid protocol is that they ring the bell and drop the package. I believe UPS and Fedex follow the same protocol.

    ****** If anything happens to the package after it has been dropped [ such as theft] my obligation and the post office's have been fulfilled and the insurance coverage is no longer applicable .Therefore the loss is 100% yours
    ***** Thus far I have not had a parcel stolen, but it is probably inevitable that it will occur eventually. Therefore the onus is on you to make sure that the parcel is delivered to a very safe place such as an office or residence where someone is there to answer the door bell , or to a condo concierge or to the post office for pick-up. Especially if you live in a smaller town having it shipped on your behalf to the post office for pickup is an excellent and very viable option.

    3] CAREFULLY READ the details below on the mint quality prov1s re what will be included and what will not be included. Also read my main ad in other golf equipment re the 3 available pricing options.

    4] minimum order $100 plus all shipping and packing costs - estimated added cost amounts below


    MINIMUM ORDER $100 PLUS ALL SHIPPING and PACKAGING COSTS - See the shipping costs below but you can pretty much count on 25-30c /ball which if factored into the cost should help you to assess whether shipping makes sense for you. - all shipping with Canada Post

    shipping and packaging costs to anywhere in Canada- this includes expedited [fast] mail which I receive at no extra charge together with insurance up until actual delivery takes place

    THE ABSOLUTE SWEET SPOT FOR SHIPPING COSTS ANYWHERE IN CANADA is up to 105 balls including packaging and HST for $27.11 all in. This is the medium size box special at the post office.

    106 -150 balls - $35 in Ontario, $40 outside Ontario
    151-250 balls- $40 in Ontario, $45 outside Ontario
    in the event that you have been slightly overcharged for shipping and packaging - which is often the case- there will be extra balls included to compensate
    ================================================== ===============================


    everything is prepaid in full in advance via EMT [ e-transfer or email transfer] to my email account donald.craig@yahoo.ca

    -expedited shipping will usually take several days depending on location, packaging, , insurance included until the package is dropped off . I receive expedited shipping at no extra charge. Once the balls are shipped I will provide the tracking number.
    -I will need your full proper name [ as on your photo i.d.] and your mailing address and postal code to ship.


    re: PROV1'S / PROV1'S

    You will need to read my main ad re the 3 available pricing options dependent upon the age of the ball in order to decide which you desire . [ the tp5's are all $2.10/ ball ]

    -balls will be in mint condition . The balls WILL NOT INCLUDE any refinished balls, any balls with 332 or 392 side-markings, any balls marked practice or x-outs, or any balls abnoxiously sharpie marked- however they will include some logo balls, some balls with relatively discrete sharpie markings and some balls with personal identifiers on the side.

    Please note that my definition of mint [ which is the same as the other major on-line shippers use ] is no wear or very little wear , no scuffs or bruises or discoloration . Not every ball will look like it is right out of the package and never been hit before- it has been used and then lost. However many mint balls that I sell were probably lost within the first 3 tee shots of their brief active life and would be commonly called one-hit wonders.

    if you need more info please phone or email me



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