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Complimentary TXG Fitting At Burlington May 11 to June 14

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    Originally posted by Jasonp View Post
    The biggest thing that truly impressed upon me with chris was that he had no quams saying "youre current setup is best we cant make it any better"

    Mind you this goes for all at txg. They really do have a pressure free customer first approach
    Same when Ian worked with me when I had my driver fitting, he basically said "So Nino what's wrong again?" LOL, I have history of snapping several shafts and was concerned the one I'm gaming right now is not the right one that's why I went for a fitting. We've tried several combos but it all went back to my current setup. Ian suggested really small proposals that might make it a little more better but that's about it. I love coming to TXG as the place is so relax and makes you feel at home, way to go guys!
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      Did a fitting with Chris. Really enjoyed the experience and was very happy ending up with the P790's. I could not believe the gain in both distance and accuracy over my Rocketbladez. Chris does a great job - while making the whole experience fun and rewarding.


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        Had my fitting with Chris back on May 30. Been away for a week so a little bit late in posting my thanks, both to Chris for making it a relaxed experience and also to TXG for offering the complimentary fittings.

        I was fit at Ping back in 2013. They do a good job, but I found the TXG experience much more useful. I got way more information about my swing, was able to try irons from different manufacturers and had access to a much broader spectrum of shafts. Highly recommended for anyone wanting to get the most out of their next equipment purchase.


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          Had my first fitting ever with Chris at TXG Toronto last week...it was an eye opening experience and highly recommended for anyone who has never done a fitting session.

          We did an iron fitting and my wallet will be alittle lighter with new Ping G700's replacing my 10 year old Callaway X20's. Chris had me try the Rogue, Z565, PXG, G700 in different shaft combo's. It will be interesting for me to see how the new irons perform in real course conditions. Can't wait for my driver fitting. Thanks again Chris and TXG for the promo and informative high handicap videos.


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            TommyJ Those Srixon Z565s were point and shoot for you. Let me know when you want to come back in to try the Z585 and the Modus 130 again.

            tywl I'm glad we got to hit those. I don't think you missed the sweetspot once with those all session, and they blend in perfectly distance wise with your hybrid. I'm looking forward to the driver session as well, I think we might be able to help optimize you a touch more.

            Playthru That pickup on the P790 was ridiculous. Probably the longest distance increase I have seen by just manipulating a shaft. That Project X 5.5 really suited you for whatever reason, and the extremely tightened dispersion wasn't so bad either!

            Thanks for coming in, everyone. It's been a blast!


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