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Torched another putter

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  • Torched another putter

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Name:	image_113879.jpg
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ID:	3048113 Yesterday I bought a (relatively) cheap Scotty Cameron putter and gave it a makeover too.

    I buffed it with a Dremel, getting rid of a few dings, and then torched it for about 20 min --- moreso on the face to give it some purple hues --- and then painted it.

    I'm still on the fence about the blue dots. I tried green and didn't like that. I may try a different shade of blue.

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    Question for those who know the chemistry --- why does acetone bring back the purple hues on the face? I can wipe the purple away but if I run a cloth damp with acetone it comes back.

    Not a complaint but rather a curiosity.


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      Looks neat .I would try white dots.


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        I considered that but I think I'd need to buy translucent white paint as opposed to the Testors solid colour paint I've been using. Tamiya is what SC uses but it's not readily available. Looks like there is a place in Toronto that keeps it tho.

        The solid white is just too bold on the dots. I tried mixing it a bit with a hint of blue but still wasn't enamoured by the off-white.

        I did my Laguna last night too. It's not as brown as this Newport and came out more of a nice gold colour. I removed the insert so it's still the grey/silver. Looks kinda cool IMO. Will post pics later when the paint is dry.

        The Newport looks really nice --- pics don't do it justice.


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          I would go stealth and do all black paint fill.


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            After torching the NP2.5 I bought on Sat to a deep bronze colour, I decided I wanted my Laguna to have the same hue.

            The NP2.5 was buffed quite well beforehand (removing some dings) which resulted in a darker torched colour whereas I didn't really want to give the Laguna a heavy buff with a Dremel.

            On Monday night I removed the insert and torched the putter. Tues morn I just wasn't happy with the result so Tues eve I took some 600 and 1500 grit black wet/dry sandpaper and buffed it. Afterwards I soaked it in CLR for about 45 minutes. A lot of the previous night's torching was removed.

            After cleaning it with acetone I torched it once again --- for about 15 min --- and it now has a nice honey brown / golden hue similar to the honey dip finishes from the past. I shined it up a bit with some rubbing compound.

            I haven't filled in the 3 dots at the back. Two went blue and one blue/purple when torching and I kinda like the look. I may buy some translucent blue for this as opposed to the Testors solid blue.

            It looks better in person than in pics


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              Click image for larger version  Name:	84F6F7AB-2C61-4102-9F2F-8F91E1886065.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	1.84 MB ID:	3049723


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