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High handicapper looking for a new driver with $500 budget. Go for a fitting?

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    I get why you are focusing on the driver. Nothing is more frustrating than constantly hitting slices/pushes or even pull slices. Even if you only use it 14 times max and have 2 lost balls, that's a lot of strokes and frustrating especially if your miss is 2 ways. I know you bought the epic flash already which is a great driver. That should last you a few years.
    I would bet you slice as you are focusing on the driver, you probably have an over the top swing and open your hips through impact as its much more prominent with the driver. I think everyone who said lessons first is right. Now that you satisfied your want, maybe even follow a couple good coaches online like Mike Bender etc and pick a couple of drills to fix your swing flaws.
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      to OP....don't do it.


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        Originally posted by cheonghm View Post
        My main goal is to lower my score. With regard to that, I'm indeed spending a lot of time at the range and also willing to take more lessons. But I feel like any distance gained off the tee will be great for me as well.
        Fair enough. If so, then ask yourself where you're losing strokes during an average round. Unless adding 20-25 yards (assuming a new driver will do so) will actually reduce strokes then you're probably better off focusing on your key areas of weakness. You may even be better off with a new (fitted) putter and/or a better set of lofted wedges (for a more precise short game).
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