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Looking to update my TM SLDR woods!

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  • Looking to update my TM SLDR woods!

    Current driver: TaylorMade SLDR head; Matrix Black Tie 7M3 Shaft (Stiff)
    Current 3 wood: TaylorMade SLDR head; Matrix Black Tie 8M3 Shaft (X-Stiff)

    Unsure if I should be upgrading to an X-Stiff for my driver (my swing speed is around 110 MPH), but like the fact that at 73g it's on the heavier side.

    The SLDR head is so dated now, I'd like to upgrade to M3-M6 -- but heard I'd need to buy an adapter to have the black tie shaft adjusted to fit one of the newer TM M-Driver heads.

    1. Is it worth getting a new driver head (and adapter), if so which one?
    2. Should I look into getting fitted again and perhaps sell my driver as a whole and buy an entirely new one (shaft + head)?
    3. Don't know why the hell I brought up my 3 wood, but any reccos on that as well would be great

    So many options on what to do, but ideally since I'm already accustomed to the driver shaft thought I'd just do #1 and update to a newer TM head.

    Thanks in advance!

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    If you have the money get fitted and buy the driver/shaft recommended.
    If you are on a budget....I'd suggest to go to Global Golf Canada (a 20% off sale expires today) and buy a TM driver M3 to M6.
    If you want to keep your current shaft....the current tip for the SLDR will work with the M series heads...then buy a M series driver with a stiff shaft and sell the shaft if you wish and use your old shaft
    Stiff shafts are the most in demand if you want to sell the shaft..
    GGC also has X stiff shafted M series drivers for sale too.

    I played the Jetspeed (introduced the same year as the SLDR) until this July. I bought a M3 on sale at Global Golf Canada for $230......I ended up liking my Speeder shaft in my Jetspeed and sold the Tensei Blue stiff shaft that came with the M3 for $95.

    The M3 head is more forgiving that my Jetspeed and when I put a good strike on the M3 vs. Jetspeed I'm getting further distance...all with the same Speeder shaft.
    I sold the Jetspeed.

    Oh ya....Sportsyard is selling M6 drivers for $349 next week....I think GT is selling M3's for $299...but inventory is low.....I think the M4's at GT are $349.

    I think most of the stock stiff M series shafts would feel a bit too soft for you if your SS is 110....I play stiff with a fast transition but my SS is 94-97.
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      I know nothing about shafts and such, but IIRC, the SLDR tip is the second gen. TM adapter and may fit M drivers, but again, please double check on that.



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