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Additional questions regarding swing weight

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  • Additional questions regarding swing weight

    Didn't want to hijack the other recent thread of driver swing weight, so I reposted my questions here.

    1) Impact of grips on swing weight/feel - I recently put on some MCC Plus4 midsize grips which are on the heavier side at 66g, which has altered my swing weights quite a bit. I vaguely remember Dan suggesting that the grips don't matter, since they are under your hands and you really don't feel that. I think he said something about MOI, but I can't recall. Can someone give us a refresher on swing weight, MOI and the impact of grip changes on the feel of the club?

    2) My set has a few anomalies - I just checked my set and most everything is coming in at C9 or D0. These likely shifted after the grip change. I have a few anomalies that I would like some opinions on whether to correct and how:
    i) Driver is coming in at C8 and I think that this is because the shaft is a Xtorsion copper shaft which is counterbalanced. I was fitted for that shaft with an 2017 M1 head, but switch to an M6 head more recently, so not sure if that had an impact. I do like the shaft, but I do feel sometimes that I lose the feel for the head. My 3w and 5s are C9, so not that much different without counterbalanced shafts. I think I will just use some lead tape and add some weight and see the difference getting it closer to C9 like my 3w and 5w. If I like a heaver feel, how much weight can I add by changing the screw weight in the M6 if I don't like the tape?
    ii) Wedges are very different. My PW (with the same Modus 120 shaft as my irons) comes in at D0, my 52 and 56 deg with KBS wedge shaft at C7 and C6 respectively and my 60 deg at D0. Should all my wedges be the same?

    Thanks for your help in advance.
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    5g of additional grip weight equates to about 1 SW point.
    An often overlooked factor is the additional "total-weight" of using Mid or Jumbo grips, and how we each respond to such increases.

    A traditional iron SW of D2 is with a traditional Tour Velvet grip at 50g.
    However, I find current TV grips to be about 53-54g these days.

    My fav grip is the CP2 Wrap Mid-size, but I often experiment with Jumbo grips ( CP2 Wrap ) and also Light-weight grips ( Superstroke Traxion ) on specific clubs, such as my Driver, 3W, and longest hybrid, along with heavier head weights, to help dial in an optimal feel for me. Even though I'm a math guy ( measurements on my SW scale or MOI measuring device ) I still ultimately go by what feels right.

    Using a counter-balanced shaft may require an additional 2-4-6g to get SW back to your liking. FYI: Ping heads are usually on the heavy side, which gives them higher MOI, but compensated with a CB shaft to get the stock SW to expected values.

    Your wedges seem very light in the C range
    For example, a Cleveland RTX-4 / Zipcore, come stock at D5.
    I'm a fan of wedges all the same SW, and to match your PW or 9i in length.
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