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    Originally posted by drewharvie View Post

    True! I guess if you were a member and you had a bad day already, and showed up to play and they cut a pin close to one of the rougher areas or something I could see someone getting cheesed. Toronto Golf Club also apparently struggled with greens this year, but when I talked to a couple members they seemed to think they were ok. I guess different standards!
    Toronto GC was in awful condition this year and the 22-year Super walked the plank.


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      Originally posted by Scarbra View Post
      There are some grumpy Guses everywhere - some really bad spots on a few greens, overall staff did best they could in very difficult year. I'm in the we had a few issues camp.

      In 2019 when I joined they were immaculate, and the course prides itself on them, so I can understand some disappointment but it also has to be tempered with.... 2020.

      I have no doubts it will be top notch all this year.
      Agree, my friend was apologizing the whole time...greens were nowhere near as good as last year, which is true - however made me really enjoy the property and elevation changes and that it is 20mins from my house AND appreciate why its in the top 100


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        I played as a guest there once in 2019 and the course was in great shape. I played again in late summer 2020 and the greens had a lot of problems. For a private course, I would think that would be unacceptable for the high prices you all pay, as well as the high prices for any guests, regardless of anybody's level of acceptance. Yes 2020 was a tough year so hopefully for the sake of the members this year will be much better.

        Aside from that the course layout is awesome. I love this style of parkland course and really enjoy the elevation changes. There are a lot of challenges found throughout the course. For me the biggest challenge is the tee shot on #8! If I lived in the area and could afford it I wouldn't think twice about joining.


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          I am an intermediate member there. Message me if you have questions.



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