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Modifying Driver Loft, Recommended?

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  • Modifying Driver Loft, Recommended?

    Hello TGNuts,

    I am a beginner at this beautiful game and this being my first season I have been lucky and persistent enough to hit low 90's.

    I initially bought an 11.5 loft TM 460 Quad which has served me very well for the initial couple of months of rigorous play. However now it seems to rob me of distance consistently since now I have a better hold of direction.

    My question is that is it recommended to get the loft modified instead of buying a new one or not. If it is what could be the best guys (fitter?) who could do it for me and whats the best loft (9.5?).


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    Re: Modifying Driver Loft, Recommended?

    I don't think you will find anyone who can bend or change the loft of your driver around here. There are some places in the US that can do it - but it's a no warranty type of job... so if they break it your out of luck! Another option for you might be to change out the shaft with something that's stiffer in the tip - which can help bring your trajectory down.

    What's the ball flight like now?
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      Re: Modifying Driver Loft, Recommended?

      Thanks so much for taking the time to reply.

      Simply put I am getting roughly 210 where I can (and have) hit 250 with a 10.5 driver.

      Digging details, moment after I hit it the shot looks and feels very nice but then the ball starts ascending to simply drop dead no matter how hard its been hit. I can get more distance by compensating at setup but then im afraid of developing bad habits and really dont want to do that.



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        Re: Modifying Driver Loft, Recommended?

        Why not trade or sell it for something else? Reshafting if the shaft doesn't match up well with your swing is also an option.



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          Re: Modifying Driver Loft, Recommended?

          Another suggestion would be to pay a visit to somewhere for a session on a launch monitor. It would give you a better indication of whether the launch angle is too steep or your ball spin rate is too high causing the ballooning. It may be a better indicator whether to get the head re-shafted (and there are several sponsors on this site who can help with that) or get a new driver. It may also be something as simple as changing the weights in the head.
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            Re: Modifying Driver Loft, Recommended?

            I don't know if it will help a whole lot of if you've already tried it but you can change the weights around to promote a lower ball flight by putting the heavier weights in the front and the lighter ones in the back.
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              Re: Modifying Driver Loft, Recommended?

              If you think you are beyond that driver already then go see one of the fitters here and get yourself checked out.
              Personally,having that shaft tipped might see you through another season.


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                Re: Modifying Driver Loft, Recommended?

                I would go with the fitting suggestions every time!!!

                I think a fitting for a driver would help you below that 90 barrier regularly as an extra 40-50 yards is going to give you more chances to attack the pins with wedges instead of short to mid irons.
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