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  • Shoes

    Looking for some good shoes for next yr, what are you guys wearing this yr that you'd buy again,maybe 40 rds give or take,inside 150.

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    Spikes or no spikes is what you should consider first of all.

    But I've struggled with finding a great golf shoe. Tried both spikes and no spikes. The Footjoy Pro SL is a great spikeless shoe. I found the bottoms had no support after 15 rounds or so. However, probably more of a function of how I walk than the shoe itself. For spikes, Adidas Tour 360 hands down.


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      I love Nike stuff. I have a few spike-less and spiked models.

      I prefer the spiked models but the spikeless models are more breathable. They also have like a "hybrid" model (lunar control vapor) that has some kind of "wave" spike but I have heard that these wear out quickly.

      Anyway back to the reasons I like the Nike Golf stuff.

      I am at least 250 lbs and i find them comfortable to walk in and very stable while shifting weight in the downswing. They are surprisingly durable. I regularly wear a pair that i bought in 2015 (I have replaced the spikes once). Waterproofing has been good too. Even after wearing them probably ... 150 times, theres been no issues with cracks/tears in the material (Most nikes are not leather but synthetic plastics) and there hasn't been any glue separation.

      I also like the styles and colour ways they release.

      The biggest positive is the price. Nike releases new models regularly and obviously that their older models get discounted pretty heavily (even during the season) so you can definitely get them for the less than 150$


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        Eccos fit my foot like a glove, but they're expensive.

        I bought a pair of Adidas Tour 360s about 6 years ago. Only worn a dozen time and then I just gave up - they hurt too much.

        I love my FJ Pro SL spikeless. Light, comfortable.

        BUT - I have my feet and you have yours. Adidas may be perfect for you. Ecco may be a disaster. I wear orthotics for Plantar Fasciitis developed 20 years ago thru running. You may be different.

        Go try a bunch on and buy what fits best. And support your bricks and mortar shop for making that possible.
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          I'll second ECCO's! I also have Plantar Fasciitis and wear orthotics and can't say enough good things about these shoes. I've tried Foot Joy's , Nike, Adidas and a few others but once I tried ECCO's I won't go back to any of the others. I'd rather pay a little more and be comfortable than save a few bucks and be constantly sore.


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            Another +1 on FootJoy pro SL
            Can't say enough good things about them
            Not as grippy in wet conditions but don't slip as much as say, the Nike Roshe spikeless versions

            I also have Nike Lunar Command2 for my rainy play days and don't like them at all as I find them too stiff and I've worked them in plenty.

            with that being said...must resist urge to look for new gear...talking to myself lol


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              The New Balance Minimus Tour (spiked version) are by far the best golf shoes I've owned, super comfortable and waterproofing is on point ... typically a Nike guy for golf.



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                Ecco Bioms for a few years now but $150 getting harder every year from Ecco and/or GolfAnything


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                  Anyone recommend a complete water proof one? Mine just got ripped today... and feet got soaking wet ewwww..


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                    I rotate between 3 pairs of shoes, 1 spiked and 2 spikeless, I basically got each pair at 50% off.

                    Nike Roshe G Tour (wide) - Spiked - my main golf shoes, actually super comfortable and great traction. I would like to add a pair of the React Vapor 2 shoes but can't find a wide in my size at the moment. I'm surprised I'm such a fan of Nike shoes cause in general I'm wearing adidas.

                    Adidas Crossknit 3.0 - Spikeless - Basically a running shoe with a very aggressive spikeless tread, extremely comfortable with the Boost foam. I really only use these for summer rounds or rounds where it's dry. They are thing and breathable and not water proof.

                    FootJoy ProSL - Spikeless- Got these as a warranty replacement. They're solid I can see why they're extremely popular on tour. They are waterproof but I found if it's really damp you'll slip, at least I do cause I'm a bigger guy and transferring a lot of force and weight, but a good option for summer morning rounds when there is dew but dries up.

                    I also have a pair of Adidas Tour 360. They have great traction just don't fit my feet well so kinda uncomfortable. I may just relegate these to driving range shoes at this point.
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                      I also have a few pairs that I cycle through. The two main ones are spiked: Nike Zoom Direct and Adidas Adipower Boost 3. Both have a relatively wide forefoot space, which I prefer, and have been great in my early morning rounds at keeping my feet dry.

                      For spikeless, I have a pair of Adicross PPF and Puma Biodrive Leather. I typically only wear these during dry rounds in the summer.

                      Other than the PPF, which is a current model I got at 40% off earlier this year, I try to look for end of season close outs on older shoe models. It limits my choices on color, but I get premium golf shoes for well under $100.


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                        I got the Adidas Tour Boost 360 Boa last winter but they caused a bunch of blisters when I walked the course and then the heel started to tear last month. I paid $140 for them (mega on sale) but just opened a claim with Adidas and they'll be giving me a $300 voucher on their website to buy the newest version TOUR360 XT TWIN BOA SHOES

                        I'm happy with that, hopefully they've improved the heel support


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                          visit the ecco outlet( toronto outlet ot niagara outlet) some good models around $140

                          i like the skechers go golf pro also


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                            everybody"s feet are different and IMO, it is important ( especially if you walk) to get the correct shoe for your foot dimensions and biomechanics.

                            I have forefoot pronation, a narrow heel and severe osteoarthritis in my two big toes...as such only certain shoes do me comfort and Addidas Tour 360 ( I have 3 pairs of Boost and 1 pair of the Knit) and they are great and weatherproof.
                            Tried a few Ecco models and the most uncomfortable shows I have ever tried but my buddy has 3 pairs.

                            Have some old Etonic leather shoes from the late 90's that I just put new spikes in and they are still good and fit like a glove.

                            If you buy leather, make sure you clean them regularly with a soft brush and use leather conditioner. I use Lexor in season then Dubbin on all mine to store each winter.

                            Rotate a couple or 3 pairs if you play often and use shoe trees and you can get several years out of them.
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                              Depending on your plans for the next trip south... there are last chance golf shoe stores in Florida with top quality products with minor flaws for 1/4 of retail. Buy 6 or 8 pairs and pay for your air fare. I got 2 pairs for $40 and $50 last year.



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