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Preserving Forged Irons

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    I have a very early set of Hogan Precision irons, and the chrome plating on those were/are/is absolute crap. It was/is at best .001 deep. I'm thinking, it is the reason he rejected his first production run at that time.

    The original '54-'55 sole is extraordinarily narrow, 1/2" to 9/16" wide.Only the E iron had a respectable sole width.
    The later '58 Precision(Sunburst) had a wider sole through the set.

    Typically its nn the back of the blade that the poor quality of the plating is clearly visible.

    this is a sellers ebay pic. Notice the chrome peeling on the back, and on the hosel, and this club saw very little use. as indicated
    by its modest sole wear.

    wax or oil would not have saved these.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	Hogan crap plating.jpg Views:	0 Size:	808.3 KB ID:	3066104
    Things change.

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      Funny thing, my carbon putters require fairly consistent oiling ( I use 3 and 1 ) but my Miura irons and wedges, never. Never a concern and other than some chatter etc, they are perfect.


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