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SuperSpeed Journey - Me & The Mrs.

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  • SuperSpeed Journey - Me & The Mrs.

    Not a ton of posts on the topic on the web. Most cover Protocol 1 and don't really go beyond. Going to detail journey of my wife and I here.

    • SuperSpeed Green, Blue, Red training aid.
    • 3x5 Hitting mat.
    • Sport Sensors Swing Speed Radar
    • Golfing for 16 years
    • 3.5 hcp
    • 33 y/o
    • 5"10
    • Athletic background - Hockey & baseball at a fairly high level

    • Golfing for 9 years
    • 14 hcp
    • 34 y/o
    • 5"1
    • Athletic background - Hockey & softball

    We have both exercised at home off and on for years. Having 2 young children has definitely made consistency difficult. Have been keeping a better schedule lately. Plan on combining some weight training (2-3x per week) and cardio (rowing 2-3x per week) with the SuperSpeed Protocols.

    Baseline #s (3-5 swings per club in order listed before beginning program)
    • Me
      • Driver 104
      • Green 112
      • Blue 109
      • Red 103
    • Wife
      • Driver 81
      • Green 91
      • Blue 88
      • Red 81
    Will be updating with weekly progress as we complete the protocols.

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    UPDATE 1

    After the first day of training we both took out our drivers and took 5 swings. Everything I read says there is about a 5% jump after the first day.

    I went from a max of 104 to 109 (4.8%)
    Wife went from a max of 81 to 88 (8.6%)

    ***I think her max increased substantially because the sticks really helped with her sequencing and release***

    We are both excited after day 1! Nice to see the numbers matching up with what the company claims. Hoping that putting in some gym time will improve the gains even more.


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      Super interesting - looking forward to seeing the progress


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        I'll be following along as well. I'm onto Phase 2 myself, but I dont have the radar to track speed improvements. The swings certainly feel faster. Good luck to you and your wife!


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          What radar are you using, and thoughts on it ?
          WITB: Sun Mountain 4.5LS
          Titleist TS3 10.5 with Evenflow White 65

          Titleist TS2 16.5* with Evenflow White 75
          Titleist TS2 19* hybrid with Evenflow White 90

          Titleist TS2 23* hybrid with Accra FX300H
          Titleist TS2 25* hybrid with Accra FX300H ( my 15th club )

          Mizuno MP-18 MMC 5-PW with Steelfiber i110cw
          Mizuno JPX-900F 50* with Steelfiber i110cw
          Cleveland RTX 54* & 58* Mid with Steelfiber i110cw
          Seemore Platinum M7 Tour with SS Pistol Grip


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            good luck! the big dawgs got to eat!


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              Originally posted by ARL67 View Post
              What radar are you using, and thoughts on it ?

              Seems accurate. Nothing to compare to but out of the gate I was swinging where I would expect based on past experience. Making sure placement and stance (distance away) are as consistent as possible for consistent results.
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                UPDATE 2

                Swung driver after just my second session today. Results were mind boggling!!!

                5 swings in succession:

                I seriously couldn't swing above 104 this past Monday no matter how hard I tried and only hit it once in 10 swings. Between 98-104. Most were 100-102.

                Hoping today wasn't just some strange anomaly.


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                  Wicked man!! Great to see the progress!



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