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The wedge between the PW & SW

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  • The wedge between the PW & SW

    Do you use a gap wedge that matches your irons?
    Or one that is different than your iron set?

    I’m debating ordering a G400 UW to match my irons or a CBX2 to match my SW & LW.

    What’s the rationale behind your choice?

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    I generally like the set GW's that I've had and favor them in the Ping I20s and I210s that I currently have in rotation. For me, they are used 99% of the time as 3/4 to full swing clubs and I like the look and consistency they have with the rest of my irons. I can still flight them as needed, but lose a bit of versatility if I were to chip with them more.

    If I were to play more shots where I am manipulating the club/flight or chip/pitch, I would likely look towards a legit wedge with a good grind.

    It's a club that can get used often or not at all for stretches. But I prefer having it over trying to muscle a 54* or flight a PW in and risk pulling it if I get sloppy with the swing.

    Next 2 sets I'm rebuilding don't have set GW's in some Scratch SB-1s and Edel CB's. But I have Scratch and Edel wedge sets to compliment the irons anyway so don't feel that there will be a bit lose anyway. The SB-1 are blades, so doesn't matter at that point.

    I'm also particular and like all my wedges to match (brand/model, finish, shaft) if it isn't a set GW. Currently have like 6 wedge sets (2 to 5 piece sets)...


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      Ive only had one iron set that had a 50* gap wedge and that was my mizunos, I used it way more than I had ever used the gap wedge in my wedges set. As soon as I went back to having three wedges it seemed I only used my PW and SW.

      Weird how that works. Might be because my GW in the set was the same shaft as my irons, then when I went to 3 wedges the 52* was a softer s200.

      When I do a ping webfit it always says to get the UW then go 54,60. Even the damn webfit knows I have a trash wedge game.
      "Your swing isn't the problem."


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        My GW is part of my iron set because I primarily use it for full swing shots and sometimes for straightforward chipping. I like to have the consistent feeling for all my full swing shots.

        Mind you, I use 80g S graphite shafts on my irons... If I were to use typical wedge shafts on my GW, the difference in the feel would be too dramatic. My SW/LW is only for greenside work, as I do not play for short pitch shots inside 100 yards. (My GW is the 100 yard club)


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          I have Cleveland GW and SW and have enjoyed that for 2 different sets of wedges. I’ll do a third at some point, as these are starting to wear.

          My “vintage loft” Eye2+ PW leaves enough room that for me a 52/53 and a 56 are what I like.
          Still getting the hang of this game!

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            I use a GW head that does not match the rest of my iron set.

            The iron set I have did not come with a GW, and the PW head they offer cannot be bent to what I would need to fit between the PW and SW as a GW. As a result I went from a 4 wedge set up to a 3 wedge set up.

            I found I was missing the GW, so, I ended up using the GW head from my older set, and building it up with a shaft and grip matching those in my iron line up.

            I also had my "new" GW fitted into the True Length Technology set up of my iron set, and the lofts of my other wedges have been adjusted to allow the GW to fit into a 4 wedge set up.

            For me, matching the make of the GW to the clubs around it was not an issue, my SW and LW are different brands anyway. It was all about fit and working the specs of new wedge into the line up.

            Fortunately there are no rules limiting the number of golf balls you can carry during a match!


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              I like the GW from a set, same shaft as my irons, and it is also Cavity Back. I use it for full 110-115 shots, and greenside chipping.
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                Using the GW that came with my iron set and prefer the feel over the GW from my Cleveland wedge set. It may be because like ARL67 above, I use it mainly for full shots in the 110-120 yard range. I don't use it green side much. The other wedges I use are a 56 and 60 deg.
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                  I typically like set gap wedges versus non.

                  with my set pw being 43* and my sand wedge at 56, i actually use two gap wedges. A 47* and 52*.
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                    Seems most like the GW to match their set.. my GW matches my SW/LW and so does my PW. Find I have better distance, direction, height and spin control with the SW style wedges. The only time I use the PW from my set is early/late season where the lies are mucky and I need some more bounce from the fatter sole.
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                      I have both, have tried both and prefer the GW that matches my other wedges, Cleveland RTX-3's.
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                        Mosr people will opt for the GW that comes with set. I consider the gap a specialized club that should be chosen carefully for loft, sole grind an bounce, matching brand or not. My signature follows that philosophy.
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                          I typically would use it for full shots, I tend to think of it as yesteryears PW when I think about the proliferation of stronger lofts.

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                          PING G25 16.5*
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                            Just a thought, if you are thinking about adding a CBX2 GW:
                            • it will save you the cost of an extra iron every time you purchase new irons (assuming you replace them before you need to replace your GW because of groove wear)
                            • CBX2 GW has a grind designed for full shots
                            • CBX2 is a pretty meaty and probably can offer comparable performance to a G400 needed for distance
                            This year, I have a set with a GW and have a GW CBX2, it will be interesting to see which I prefer...


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                              Good question. I prefer the gap wedges that come with my iron sets but they are more blade looking than cavity back.



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