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    My GW and SW do not match my iron set, that goes for all three sets of wedges


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      Speaking frankly, at today's pricing and with many new sets only 6 clubs (5-Pw) ,I wouldn't buy a new set unless they tossed in a Gap and Sandwedge, to make the 8 clubs that comprise a typical set. Otherwise you are getting reamed, tossed and raked over.

      A gap wedge is anywhere from 50-53 depending on the loft of your set's Pw.
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        I prefer all wedges the same that way gaps are set PW and GW are full swing 46 deg and 52 deg SW then LW all Vokeys SM 5's have spares of dif deg's to move in and out when needed


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          I want wedges that work for me and don't care whether or not they match each other or my irons.


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            My PW is 47*, my GW is 52* and my SW/LW is 58*. The 52* and 58* Tour S are very similar to my iron set S56. The top lines are identical and the soles are almost the same width. The iron set transitions into the wedges very nicely. And the shafts match.
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              I really (no. really.) tinkered with this all last season.

              My wedges go PW (46*) --> Gap (52*) --> Lob (58)*

              I treat my Gap as an 11 iron basically.

              I had Vokeys in all 3 and eventually went to a set matched PW (Srixon z945) but then struggled to flight my Vokey 52* on "fuller" swings. I changed the shaft from the stock "wedge" flex and built up a 52* SM6 with the same shaft as my set (DG 120s) and still had some issues.

              I tried going to some other manufacturers and shafts -- Cleveland and Honma forged wedges paired with DG S400s. I eventually got a Srixon z745 51* Gap to match my set this off season.

              I feel that the Vokey's just flight too much in the Gap on fuller swings and are a bit too soft for me. I like to play 3/4 shots in my Gap mostly but started having big yardage hole between my matched set PW and my Gap Wedge as fuller swings were only going about 5 more yards due to added launch -- unless I really went after one and really controlled the ball flight.

              The Srixon z745 matched gap 51* has a s300 but I'll just switch it out for a DG120 if I end up staying with it.

              That all being said, I ended up finding out I liked the stock wedge flex DG in the Vokey 58s along with the "softer" feel off of the face. I usually never hit a full swing with the 58 so it was less of an issue than with the Vokey Gap. I eventually went with the Vokey K grind in the 58* as it seemed to match the shape of the Wilson r-90 I used as a junior in the 80s growing up.

              I also stay with the SM5 series. Once Vokey started messing around with the CoG in the 6/7/8 series, it was too much to keep track of, feel wise. Bob Vokey (a fellow Canadian btw!) even admitted they messed up the SM7 and "corrected it' with the SM8 release. The SM5 is the last series of basically "stock" wedges Vokey released -- I feel anyways.

              Wedges really take a lot of time and experimentation to really dial in a preference. Thankfully there are many options to toil over and build and re-build, much like any self respecting golf gear junkie should. lol

              (I feel that most amateurs really only need 2 wedges in addition to a PW and should take advantage of adding extra clubs at the top of the bag instead. A mix of either hybrids and driving irons, or more lofted woods to take advantage of the longer par 3s and gettable par 5s on most modern courses.)
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                My GW matches my other wedges. Was going to try the 52*, 58* setup this season (RTX Zipcore), but just picked up a 54* and am getting my 52* bent to 50*.

                Wedge game is my biggest weakness, so will keep it simple with the 46, 50, 54, 58 setup this season and see if I can eventually grow into the 46, 52, 58 setup down the road.

                Plus I love the Zipcores so much that I wanted another one in my bag!
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