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Taylormade M1 Tuning suggestions

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  • Taylormade M1 Tuning suggestions

    Before i start, i know the urge will be to respond back with "Fix your swing" YES UNDERSTOOD, and i am in the process of starting some lessons to help correct a slice on my driver that has plagued me for years, but in the meantime... has anyone had success with adjusting the M3 driver? I had an M3, 9.5. and have played around with multiple weight options, just looking for something that will give me a little help while i am working on the swing. I know taylormade was selling the old "loft up" years ago, is this still the case?

    Thanks for any input!

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    For M3, you want to move the weights to the "max draw" setting illustrated in their tuning manual per link below.



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      So it depends on how much help you need, I suggest set up the M1 for the extreme Draw bias and work from there. Meaning, front track weight towards heel of the club, and on the back track away from the face, towards the back. Putting weight in heel of club speeds up the rotation of the toe, and back CG placement also rotates face faster. I would also set the M1 to Upright setting in the neck, and or loft up as much as you can. Lofting up closes face on these drivers.

      Do those extremes and theoretically you should be hooking lol.. good luck.. if so, just dial it in
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