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Resources for short game

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  • Resources for short game

    I've golfed here and there since I was a kid, but never more than a handful of rounds. This year I've started to enjoy playing a lot more, got a new set of irons and am starting to take the game more seriously. The one area I need a LOT of help with is my short game. I'm hitting my irons pretty long and relatively straight, but around the green and on it...it's not pretty.

    I'd love to hear what your ideal resources would be for someone looking to make improvements in that part of their game. In addition, are there any practice facilities in the Toronto area you might recommend? I work in Markham but live near High Park in Toronto.


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    This thread has a list of shorter courses. Was meant for beginning golfer, but also could be suitable for short game practice. https://www.torontogolfnuts.com/foru...friend-to-golf I have found two short courses in particular to be helpful, CarrickMCross http://www.carrickmacrossgolf.com/ Cresthavenhttps://www.cresthavengolf.ca/. Usually not too busy, with opportunities to play multiple balls for practice pitching, chipping and putting. Cresthaven is in Markham.

    Also, give Dave Peltz's book, The Short Game Bible a read. Extremely helpful for me.

    Some excellent YouTube Videos out there too.

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      Originally posted by Fore Warned View Post

      Some excellent YouTube Videos out there too.
      Search: Larry Cheung & TXG
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        Take a look on YouTube for Andrew Rice. Great person too.


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          As far as books go I recommend Dave Pelz's Short Game Bible & Stan Utley's books. I found the latter very helpful.


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