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Driver specific instructors around markham/Scarborough/{ickering area??

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  • Driver specific instructors around markham/Scarborough/{ickering area??

    Anyone has any suggestions on getting lesson (s) on Driver specific instruction? I'm an OK short game, putting not bad,,shoot 90 on good day. I have never has a lesson , but my Driver tee off is
    a "Boomerang". I literally aim LEFT to compensate a bit,,,,, Tried to self correct reading and watching videos,, nada !!! Anyone know of someone that can focus on this? Thank you !
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      > I'm an OK short game, putting not bad,,shoot 90 on good day. You need to raise your standards
      Unless you *really* do have an OK short game, and are continually in trouble off the tee / approaches ?

      As for the "banana ball", tons of videos on utube regarding slicing.

      >literally aim LEFT to compensate a bit

      Only makes it worse.

      Like many other things in golf, doing the *opposite* of what feels "natural" is actually the cure. Whether you use "new ball flight laws" or "old one", the root cause of any curving shot is a difference between where the club face is aimed / angled, and the path it's moving on.

      And while a driver can (potentially) have the most club head speed of any club, just from the longer shaft, it needs to be swung *slower* (at least at the transion point (start of downswing), with a more gradual acceleration than a shorter club.

      When you aim left, your shoulders are aligned left, and your arms will tend to swing parallel to your shoulders. Many players will "sense" their "left-aim", and then "block" the natural roll of the arms which keeps the face "open" (aimed right) of the swing path, giving a steep chop action to the ball.

      A "weak grip" (hands turned un-naturally to the left of the club will also promote blocks, slices. Too much tension in the wrists, is another common symptom.

      If you have a correct, "square", or even slightly closed setup, good grip, tension free, it can all still get ruined by swinging "over the top" on the start of the downswing

      That is basically caused by the player directing the club, directly-at-the-ball, instead of swinging the club head along the "hula-hoop-path" / swing plane it *should* ideally go on.
      I.e. from the top of your swing, the club head should be moving *away* from the target (to the right, down and "inside" the ball-target line.

      Many players can swing on the "hoop-path", during their *practice-swing*. Get in front of the ball, and that thought of swinging the club vanishes, and they go into "ball-hit" mode :/

      There's a subtle difference between *swinging* hard, and *hitting* hard. But it's called a golf Swing, not a golf Hit

      I started out as a slicer many moons ago, and still fall into bad patterns of blocking, when I haven't played a lot.
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        Not sure you can just fix your driver. Very likely, if you haven't had a lesson, you'll end up changing your setup including your grip which is a change that will impact your full bag. Probably pays dividends long term though.


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          Thanks a million to al of you for your replies,,, MSTRAM ,you really made "sense" with all your tips !! I will go for lessons,,, Hopefully the ROI will put a smile on my face when I break 80 !! Happy thanksgiving to all....
          When you play, do it with Passion....


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            David Fritz golf http://www.davidfritzgolf.com/golf-instructors/ - He is working out of the golf lounge and Peak Performance this winter.

            I have a few posts saying how my game hit rock bottom over the last 2 years (went as high as 19 from a 12)...The wife and I took lessons with David this year and has me down to a 9.6.

            The wife went from an index of 28 to a current 16.1..........yes she is on the verge of crushing me soon with the way she is playing.....
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