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    I'd say it's a technique aspect, especially as you are slicing the ball half of the time. As you can see here (https://www.reachpar.com/driver-distance-guide/) for somebody of your age you are hitting average distances for somebody your age.

    I'd get some lessons/ a driver fitting and iron out the issues with a pro as i'm sure they'll be able to get you what's needed to get that extra 20-30 yards more consistently.


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      Originally posted by Miner23 View Post
      Good morning my fellow golfers looking for some advice for off season. I just finished my 2nd year of being a serious golfer played 74 rounds of golf this year and even though i made significant improvements from last year and achieve some of the goals i made for myself at the beginning of the year i wanna get better especially getting longer with the driver. Im 34 years old 6'4 290 pounds a big boy we can say with a club head speed of around 100mph according to indoor simulators but i would say my average driving the ball would be anywhere between 225 and 240 yards thats it. I see guys half my size my size hitting it 30 or 40 yards pass me when i golf with them. I dont wanna hit it 350 but maybe 20 or 30 more yards longer would be nice does anyone have any advice. Thanks

      Originally posted by Miner23 View Post
      My driver is 2016 M1 stiff shaft 10.5 degree driver head and I play taylormade burner balls. Iím left handed and out of 10 drives Iíll slice 5 to the left and 5 down the middle usually. Like I said Iím still a beginner have a 15 handicapped but hitting long irons into the green gets old.

      Well....2nd year golfing...225 yd drives...1/2 the time a slice....long irons into green...a 15 handicap....I dunno


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        Spend $40-60, find a golf instructor who will work with you once every 3-4 weeks and see the benefits. You for sure have some swing mechanic issues, swing speed should be way up there at that size. Distances are right in line with what your SS is.
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          Go get some lessons that promote a shoulder turn and then get custom fitted. And don't chase distance, i play with some younger guys that are 100 yds past me, but in the end $$$ cash flows this way
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