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Looking for some help to ingrain swing changes!

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    Originally posted by duffer_mcmulligan View Post
    Took a couple of lessons with one of our pros a year ago. I hit a couple balls for him. Then he had me throw a club down the range. Pulled hard left. Another...left....another...straighter....another. ...a few minutes later, I had emptied my bag on the range....then I had to do the walk of shame to pick everything up. the other four folks on the range just stared slack jawed at me....

    had a few lessons from one of our more junior pros this past summer....he had me go at sequencing a little differently. A hollow plastic rod about 3 long with a 15 rope inside....whip it back and forth like a fly rod to get the follow through right....;seemed to help.

    Then had me put aiming rods in the ground and sing underneath one at a 45* angle towards me. The helped. Did a lot of practising after, but will require extensive work over the winter to groove it....
    That's a lovely looking range!


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      Lessons First... but also look at the orange whip or SKLZ swing trainer. Helped a lot with my tempo and sequencing while practicing at the range this year. Great warm up tool as well.


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