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Looking for some help to ingrain swing changes!

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    Originally posted by duffer_mcmulligan View Post
    Took a couple of lessons with one of our pros a year ago. I hit a couple balls for him. Then he had me throw a club down the range. Pulled hard left. Another...left....another...straighter....another. ...a few minutes later, I had emptied my bag on the range....then I had to do the walk of shame to pick everything up. the other four folks on the range just stared slack jawed at me....

    had a few lessons from one of our more junior pros this past summer....he had me go at sequencing a little differently. A hollow plastic rod about 3 long with a 15 rope inside....whip it back and forth like a fly rod to get the follow through right....;seemed to help.

    Then had me put aiming rods in the ground and sing underneath one at a 45* angle towards me. The helped. Did a lot of practising after, but will require extensive work over the winter to groove it....
    That's a lovely looking range!


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      Lessons First... but also look at the orange whip or SKLZ swing trainer. Helped a lot with my tempo and sequencing while practicing at the range this year. Great warm up tool as well.


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        Originally posted by Jamiegolfer View Post
        Hi all. I've been swinging the same flawed swing for the past 20 years or so. Open face throughout, overswing, massive over the top coming down, lack of weight shift. Lots of weak slices, some hooks too. Tee shots (minus par 3s) are especially bad. I don't even carry driver anymore!

        Any advice on ingraining the correct moves into my swing? The problem is that after so many years, my body reverts to the old swing because it feels comfortable. Muscle memory, basically. I've tried slow motion, using a mirror, shorter swings, etc.

        My goal is to basically have fun playing golf again. Consistent ball striking and bogey golf would be fine with me. I'm more concerned with hitting the centre of the clubface than a ton of distance. I'm 36 so still have some time left haha. I'm fairly athletic so I do feel like I have it in me to improve.

        Any thoughts/advice? I feel like this might take years! Thanks!
        I will say I think this concept is correct but poorly initiated....introduced.

        Martin Ayers: Right Arm - Static vs. Dynamic View - YouTube



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