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Ugh, the lip-out!

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  • Ugh, the lip-out!

    Interesting putting development in my game. Normally my putter is very strong, but on Saturday I had about 5 lip-outs and 2 more yesterday, from both sides of the hole. All have been within 2-4' of the hole.

    I could go a whole month without a single lip-out, so what's going on here?

    Ė Greg

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    Could just be bad luck but Maybe check that your eyes are in the normal place over the ball.

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      Loss of confidence leads to self-doubt and negative thoughts.

      Go to the putting green and hit 50 short putts in a row from different angles. Start from 2 feet and then move to 4 feet. Miss a putt? Start over.

      I have two thoughts for short putts after I have checked the alignment, cleaned the ball, etc....."Hold the triangle and rock the shoulders"


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        Lol,seems to happen to me far to often.


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          Canít lip out if you arenít getting the ball to the hole so thatís a good sign that you are consistently getting ball to hole (one of my weaknesses).


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            Sounds like my prom date....all lip and no hole! Hahahha


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              Lipping out from 2-4 feet youre likely putting it too firm and or not properly lined up to hit centre cup.

              If you were lipping out 10-30fters thats a diff story. Thats just luck sometimes mate. (Been story of my life lately. Cant get a putt to drop to save my life)
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                Nuthin worse than the 360 reverse lip-out----had one of those a few weeks ago
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                  I have seen more lip-out this year than before. I could only wonder if it is because some people leave the pin in the hole and when they retrieve their ball they damage the hole itself.
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