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Axys Golf / Eric Kaplan online video series

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  • Axys Golf / Eric Kaplan online video series

    Hi all,

    Did a search and was unable to find the answer.

    wondering if anyone has experience using the Axys golf / Eric Kaplan online video series? I am relatively new and took some lessons. Due to covid, local lessons aren't offered. I find biomechanics approaches to lessons very helpful as they will help me recreate the same setup/feel for each situation. I am interested in trying his series, but there are so many gimmicks out there and his marketing is quite gimmicky. Wanted to know if anyone has tried it and found it helpful or not?

    Worst comes to worst, $19 isn't much to lose for a trial.

    My goals are to lock down fundamentals and reach some consistency. Also have a big slice I'd like to improve. I think setup is the key to that for me, but appreciate if anyone has a better idea.


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