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Different Grip Depending on Club

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    Originally posted by Pingeye2_fan View Post

    Interesting, when I need a punch hook I keep the same grip. I just line my body up with where I want the ball to start and rotate the club face closed to aim where I want the ball to end up. I rotate the club and then take my regular grip.

    Punch cuts are the ones I struggle with.

    I will weaken my grip for a high pitch where I want to keep the face open through impact.
    If I don’t strengthen my grip for a punch shot, And this is counterintuitive, but I end up over cooking the right to left shot shape. As my natural shot shape is also a draw.... I can’t hit a punch cut to save my left, no matter how much I open the face at address I hit a straight shot.


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      Given that the clubface is king. . .How you grip the club, ultimately affects your takeaway and perhaps most importantly your clubface control. That is unique from golfer to golfer, as we all have our own unique feels.

      I’ve certainly toyed and played competitively with weak and strong grips in my golfing life. Yet, I’m not sure I agree with the notion that a strong grip produces a cupped wrist at the top nor does a weak grip tend to result in a bowed wrist condition. There are truly too many variables at play to generalize.

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