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New to golf. Advice on improving my swing?

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    Originally posted by SmoothBomber View Post
    said it last year and I'll say it again since you obviously haven't tried it... get yourself a $2 steel shafted value village golf club and go throw it straight end over end. This will work on...well read my post from last year lol. You can also check out a funny but true vid on youtube of a swing analysis of guys' swings vs their ragequit club throws. Invariably the throws have better weight transfer and sequencing.

    I actually did try it! Clearly it’s been some time though and I need to do it again. I must say the winter makes it tough as I seem to lose a lot of muscle memory...


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      Originally posted by dalmanca View Post

      I am no pro but I think all pros or good players have a good finish. You just need to remember that you need to finish your swing at how Rory finishes you will be fine.
      Yea I ended up watching some slow motion videos on Rory yesterday and then worked backwards from the finish to the start to feel how I would need to move. Really helps with feeling how the weight should shift and feel through the movement.

      I also move my legs in too many planes at the start, which I found out doing that exercise. Will need to keep practicing even without a club.


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        Please go get lessons. A PGA professional will be able to help you



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