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What is Your Lessons expectations?

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  • What is Your Lessons expectations?

    I am taking lessons again this year to help with my game. The instructor is great and he is working on fundamental principles which I understand. The challenge is every lesson I go to they modifying my swing which takes me time to learn and apply it naturally. This Is effecting my score and game because I'm don't have the swing pattern down and I'm finding it to be challenging.

    Do you find this as you are taking lessons?

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    Yes. That's normal. You'll be playing "golf swing" rather than "golf" for a while. Stick with it. It takes time to ingrain the adjustments. Don't expect to see consistent improvements immediately. I've generally felt that if over a course of a lesson or 2 my instructor wanted me to work on 3 things, if I made progress on 1-1.5 of those things I felt I was making doing well.
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      Thanks I will keep working away.


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        golf is a game of execution not knowledge. Knowing what to do is only 1% of the game. Otherwise we'd only need one lesson to identify all our faults and then proceed to immediately drop 20 strokes. It takes many hours of practice and continuous feedback (i.e. more lessons) to actually be able to execute on a consistent basis. The path is not linear.



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