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Golf getaway packages, best bargain sites?

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  • Golf getaway packages, best bargain sites?

    Hi Guys, have never really booked a golf getaway trip (dedicated just to golf). Went once a LONG time ago to Myrtle but things have changed in technology and booking process etc...

    Is there a recommended website, service or affiliate you've used to find deals on packages for Phoenix, Vegas or Florida? Or do you simply book direct with hotels, resorts and courses?
    Looking for Nov 2019.

    Thanks Guys

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    For Phoenix we use VRBO and book our own tee times with the course, always works out way cheaper than packages or posted rates
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      Toronto Golf & Travel Show in Februrary!
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        I went this year to Golf and Travel show...I was thoroughly disappointed. It really hasn't been the same since it left the MTCC venue. I remember seeing a thread here about how others feel the same.
        I must have seen more skin care booths than golf getaway booths

        I appreciate the suggestion however


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          Originally posted by Papaof3 View Post
          I went this year to Golf and Travel show...I was thoroughly disappointed.

          I must have seen more skin care booths than golf getaway booths
          Must be catering to all the Korean female golfers.


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            Been casually searching for something in Nov as well. So far I would say I concur with Weirfan. You can get the best bang for your buck by renting a place via VRBO, HomeAway, AirBnB etc and just book your own tee times. Florida especially with so many courses within reach to choose from


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              Man, there's a lot to unpack here... first, you have to do a lot of research. In many areas, there are courses that are "public" but that you can only book through package agents. In Pinehurst, Dormie was like that (I believe it's now private), Mid South was like that, and a couple others. Dormie and Mid South are top class courses. In Myrtle, Dunes Club used to be only available through packagers, that might have changed. Barefoot Dye is only available through packagers; Dye and Dunes are, arguably, the two best courses in Myrtle.

              Sometimes packages are cheaper. I did a quick look... Tobacco Road Travel in Pinehurst (Legit top travel agency in the area, highly recommended. I don't work for them) has a deal where you can play Tobacco Road, Tot Hill Farm, and Carolina Trace with 2 nights hotel for $269 per person (double occupancy). Quick math...TR is $130, THF is $35, Carolina Trace is (estimate) $50. The hotel they book charges $119 a night before taxes; each person pays one night. So it's $334 to book yourself or $269 through the packaging agent.

              Then you have to keep in mind that November is getting into peak season for all those places. Not many courses are really going to be cutting deals. Same with rentals.

              I did my trip to the Maritimes booking myself and using AirBNB, so it can be done. But research the package agencies as well. In the big resort areas, they tend to cut each other breaks that the public can't get. Witness Mid South...our unaccompanied guest fee was $195 but the package rate paid, I believe, $85. Either way the package rate was significantly cheaper than a rack rate. In Pinehurst, I'd honestly say that the majority of the courses down there give preferred rates to package companies. Not that it means Phoenix, etc., do the same, but it is something to consider.


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                Have used Eat, drink, sleep golf and Myrtle Beach Golf Packagers in MB and Tee Times USA elsewhere for booking groups. Have looked at but never used GolfTroop.

                If only 1 or 2 golfers and know the area courses have used local last minute booking service and/or golfnow.


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