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ATB and so long :)

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  • ATB and so long :)

    Not making a big thing out of this, but it's time for me to bow out of these forums, which will be, i am sure, a big relief to most of TGNers,

    Some of my posts, especially ones challenging "SHAFT AFICIONADOS" have been "negatively" perceived by some. And yes, i admit that some of my comments lacked "sensitivity" in choosing correct wording, but i had no intention at all to diminish nor offend anybody here.If I did, my SINCERE APOLOGY AND REGRET FOR THIS !!! and (as British Parliamentarians love to say) the "Right Thing to Do" for me is to admit blame, which i did, apologize, which i did and resign.

    So, it was an ABSOLUTE HONOR, and GREATEST PLEASURE to belong to these forums and THANKS to all for allowing me to be a part of your fine group.

    ALL THE BEST TO Y'ALL, and as they say, PLAY WELL and enjoy our wonderful game.

    Last edited by veryold; Jul 8, 2018, 10:23 AM.

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    IMO this not the right thing to do, it is a public forum and you have a right to express your opinion as long as it is not outside the bounds of the accepted PC levels, regarding all those things, no list needed you know what I mean.

    Also from what I have heard in the past and the mods will clarify this if it is wrong, you have to be Banned in order to get off the Tee so to speak,
    I guess it is called self banning dunno exactly, maybe new owner new rule who knows.

    Anyway don't bother; stick around and entertain us some more with your interesting posts.
    Just for the record you maybe VERY OLD, but you are not the oldest by quite a few years, so if we can do it so can you.


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      I hate to see anyone leave on the wrong foot,I say stick around.


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        Please stay, just a little bit longer.....
        Every great idea starts out as a blasphemy


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          I agree, please stay. I enjoy reading your posts. You ask many good and valid questions. Something I and I am sure many others, appreciate .
          Last edited by 4wedges; Jul 9, 2018, 06:16 PM.


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            There are a couple of people here that I wouldn't miss very much, you're not one of them.

            You are making the wrong decision, if you no longer enjoy TGN then that's different.

            I think you do still enjoy it and you have every right to belong here and ask as many questions as you wish..


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              VO please stick around. A spat here or there is no big deal. It's an Internet forum and sh*t happens once in a while. Even the few TGN'ers whom I perceive as big idiots, I'm sure I'd gladly share a round of golf , a beer or two, and general good golf banter if I ever got to meet them in person. We are Golf Nuts after all. No need to leave us.

              ~ Andy
              Last edited by ARL67; Jul 10, 2018, 01:31 PM.
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                Stick around. Youre entitled to your opinions. The reason you sometimes appear to catch flak is it seems you try to pass your views off as fact and the be all end all. Which is fine for those who know better but theres plenty who are confused so giving them bad advice is poor taste.

                You also need to be more open. I am no shaft aficionado. A shaft wont make a difference alone on launch spin and ballspeed. But a shaft will change the way you swing 100% and thats a fact. Most newer more educated fitters know now that if a player comes in and needs lower spin a lower spin shaft is not necessarily the solution. It may be or it may not be.

                Again ill use myself as an example...im a higherish spin player. Youd think id need a low spin shaft but if i use one the feel makes me spin it more. Instead mid to high spin shafts actually give me the lowest spin.

                Does this follow conventional wisdom...no
                does this mean it will be the same for all...no

                What it means is shafts do make a difference but not in the traditional sense. The fact is get fit.

                This is all anyone wants u to understand .

                Please dont leave over misunderstandings.
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                  He's "lurking"..... Last Activity: Jul 10, 2018, 08:15 AM
                  Every great idea starts out as a blasphemy


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                    Just logged in this morning to check messages, and to reply to the kind people who contacted me thru PM system, and in this thread. I Very, very much appreciate and THANK all your comments, and feedback

                    Cheers !
                    Last edited by veryold; Jul 10, 2018, 04:54 PM.


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                      Hi, VO, I met you in person, remember the guy who sold you a smartphone?
                      Dont leave, I have enjoyed your posts as well. There's a saying, "Examine everything carefully; hold fast to (only) that which is good."
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                        Originally posted by bkim3 View Post
                        Hi, VO, I met you in person, remember the guy who sold you a smartphone?
                        Dont leave, I have enjoyed your posts as well. There's a saying, "Examine everything carefully; hold fast to (only) that which is good."
                        Hey there
                        The Motorola yes ?
                        I still have my original Nexus 4 (which is getting old and slowly failing, similar to its owner, LOL), but the Motorola is working like a charm, and is my Wife's phone now.

                        Thanks for your kind and WISE words and cheers


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                          Hang in there with us. Remember that "old age is not for the faint of heart".


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