GREETINGS - Hi all, I'm a local Torontonian but have been using the WRX forums for well over 10 years now. After a conversation with one of my Golf Town Pro friends today, he recommended I join this site too. So, Hi. CLUBS FOR SALE - I post a lot of good equipment that I'm usually switching out of so stay tuned. Current stuff for sale are: KBS R, FST shafts 4-PW 1/4 short and 350 tapered. Also a set of Volkey SM5 -50 F grind, 54 M grind and a 58 M grind, all Volkey Wedge Flex shafts. Might be selling my '16 Apex Pro's with Recoil shafts too. Might. QUESTIONS - Currently playing the Apex Pro '16's and have been thinking of moving up to the '18's. Has anyone hit them and/or felt the difference between them? Also, same goes for the X Forged 13's (original Roger Cleveland design when he moved to Callaway) and the new '18's? I've heard the '18's feel harder than the originals. Has anyone tried them? Thanks.